Why TurboSwing is the grease filter of choice for many leading Asian eateries

With Covid restrictions now lifted entirely in the UK, more and more of us are returning to restaurants to satisfy our cravings for social interaction and a substantial proportion of us are choosing to consume Asian food when we eat out.

TurboSwing filters in Jinli restaurant

According to the 2016 Wing Yip Oriental Food Report, produced in conjunction with Populus and a number of industry experts, Chinese food has been popular in the UK for more than 100 years – with the restaurant space being dominated by individual operators rather than large franchises.

Pre-Covid, the dine-in Asian restaurant industry was growing at a steady rate – the Wing Yip report states that the number of Chinese restaurants in the UK increased by 12% between 2010 and 2015, whilst Thai eateries increased by 16% and Japanese food outlets a staggering 67%!

The growth in this market offered Jeven and its UK delivery partner Cyclone Ventilation a significant opportunity, as CV co-founder Richard White explains. “We have undertaken a number of kitchen ventilation system installations for Chinese restaurants thanks to the effectiveness of Jeven’s TurboSwing grease filter in this type of application. Previous clients include Shan Shui in Bicester Village, Bento Box in Newcastle and Jinli in London’s China Town.

“Typically, Asian cuisine involves cooking at very high temperatures and includes adding water throughout the process – this creates steam and fine, clear oil mist which is much thinner and lighter than grease created in other food preparation, for example cooking burgers. TurboSwing is a highly efficient grease filter capable of removing the oil ladened air/vapour at source as it removes it whilst still warm in the hood. Conventional canopies can allow these fine particles past the baffle filters where they can cool in the ducts and settle/pool and eventually leak out.

“A conventional canopy with a wall mounted filter bank also relies on the cooking vapour to pass over the face of the filters which are set at a low level. If this vapour passes over without being extracted, it will condense on other surfaces. This can quickly lead to oily residue on cooking equipment which can contaminate food and negatively impact on the high levels of hygiene required by the Food Standards Agency.

“TurboSwing filters are located on the canopy ceiling meaning as the vapour rises naturally in the catchment of the canopy, it is extracted mechanically and cannot condense or escape elsewhere. Once captured, the oil particles are filtered from the air at a constant rate of separation – regardless of the airflow.

“Field tests have proven that TurboSwing is able to remove in excess of 0.6lt of oil/grease per week from entering the extraction system, whilst the performance and aesthetics are not affected by the high heat generated in Asian cooking.

“Using TurboSwing offers a number of benefits to restaurant owners, chefs and other kitchen staff:

• Duct cleaning is vastly reduced as oil/grease removed in the canopy. Not only does this save money, but it also preserves the overall running longevity of the whole ventilation system and fans
• TurboSwing filters are ‘self-cleaning’ so they do not need daily cleaning like filters in conventional canopies do
• TurboSwing grease filters meet the EN16282-6 flame retardant requirements meaning they reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen and ductwork
• With a reduced pressure drop, the fan requirements are less demanding – saving on energy during operation

“Most importantly of all, efficient removal of hot vapours and oil/grease ensures the chefs’ health is not compromised.”

This is not only a moral issue, but also a legal requirement – COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations require all employers to minimise exposure to potentially harmful substances, including cooking fumes. Service and Retail Control Guidance Sheet SR27 outlines the engineering controls that should be used to effectively control cooking fumes.

UV-TurboSwing filters use a combination of mechanical extraction and UV light to effectively remove high volumes of cooking oil from the air and significantly reduce odours.

Please follow this link to find out more about the TurboHoods and TurboSwing grease filters from Jeven, or contact our team to discuss your kitchen ventilation requirements.