Professional kitchen ventilation

TurboSwing canopies

TurboSwing canopies
The ultimate solution for restaurant kitchens

Why is the TurboSwing canopy the most advanced
solution for kitchen ventilation?

Here are some of the reasons:
1) The air is cleaner than with any other type of filter, so the ventilation ducts stay clean, which means you don't have to pay to clean them.
2) The maintenance of the canopy is easier and quicker, and therefore it's also cheaper.
3) Heat recovery is possible, because the air is clean enough. This means huge energy savings.
4) It works perfectly with variable airflows, which means that you don't need to have the extraction system on full power when the kitchen is not busy.
5) It allows the extraction fan to use less energy.
6) It is the greenest technology available as of 2014.
7) The filter is naturally self-cleaning.
8) It improves labour productivity.
9) It provides the best return of investment (ROI).
10) It has the best supply air system.
For a detailed explanation of all these reasons, download the TurboSwing Canopies brochure.

TurboSwing brings the best of both worlds!
For a detailed explanation of the features and advantages: TurboSwing Canopies brochure
For a detailed explanation of how it works and technical information: technical brochure
With or without supply air

The JSI model hood is equipped with exhaust, supply and direction air with pressure and noise damper plates and measurement taps. Supply air is introduced into the kitchen by supply air columns. In island models the supply air columns can be located on all sides of the hood. The supply air units are easy to dismount and wash. In kitchens where supply air units are impossible to install but high performance grease extraction is still required, the JLI model can be used.
TurboSwing hood without supply air

JLI-TURBO technical info
TurboSwing hood with supply air

JSI-TURBO technical info